Star Navigator

Star Navigator is a web-based product, combined with supporting programs and consulting services, that helps healthcare vendors improve the performance of Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. These plans are evaluated by the Department of Health and Human Services and receive an Overall Star Rating. Star Navigator offers a detailed analysis of health plans’ current Five-Star measures as well as insight on which measures to focus and a supporting plan to drive improvements.

Partner with Product Owner to design and develop the customer experience, assess the product revenue model, and compliment the supporting consulting services. Define product design principles, lead customer research, facilitate team ideation sessions, and develop the UI to launch the pilot for a minimally viable product (MVP).

Successfully launch the pilot product on time and under budget to test and evaluate the long term revenue strategy. Deliver a pilot product validated to solve customer problems. Help develop a clear product roadmap for iteration and measurable improvement to go to market.



My Role

Sr. Experience / UI Designer


Product owner, scrum master, developers, dev ops, analysts, marketers, quality assurance


Verisk Health – Revenue Integrity

Skills & Technology

Customer/Expert Research, Ideation, Product Design, Front-end Development: HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript/Sencha/Kendo; Visual Studio TFS

Navigating the Experience

Value comes from knowing where you’re going. By using a human centered approach to understand the customer experience, opportunity was identified to chart the course for StarNavigator. Co-creation sessions led to iterative solutions designed to meet business and customer goals.


StarNavigator helps Medicare providers plan and implement quality improvement recommendations, track outcomes, and improve Five-Star ratings with detailed insight.

The successful launch of the pilot allowed executive leadership to test and evaluate the product’s long term revenue strategy. The product, along with supplemental consulting services, was realigned to solve customer goals by implementing a human centered design approach. This approach provided a clear iterative roadmap for a go to market solution. Since the initial pilot launch, the product has been renamed and rebranded as Stars Reporting.


Research & Discovery

Shortly after joining the team, I quickly realized that development had begun and a human centered approach was not being utilized for product design. To meet an aggressive delivery date, I conducted expert interviews and researched third party customer studies to quickly get up to speed on the topic. The research was exposed to the team and helped to properly frame the customers’ problems to be solved. Using the insight gained from the discovery phase, I lead the team in affinity/journey mapping sessions to identify product opportunity.

Ideation & Design

With customer goals identified, I facilitated design studios with the team to co-create possible solutions and bundle ideas. From the generative ideas, I created sketches and a working HTML high-fidelity prototype exploring a new customer task flow. Along with the product owner, I presented the interactive prototype to select pilot customers. Customer feedback spurred product iteration and ultimately validated the revised design.

Build & Deploy

After validating the prototype, I worked with engineers to rapidly develop, reuse, and optimize front-end assets for production deployment. The development employed smaller footprint libraries and frameworks as a result of the new validated design which in turn improved performance. The live prototype was deployed as the product pilot to test in the real world.

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