Snagajob is a suite of products that connect those looking for hourly wage jobs with employers. With over 70 million registered job seekers, Snagajob’s primary B2C product line aims to help workers effortlessly find jobs and employers quickly find workers.

Partner with Product Owner and Lead Developer to research, design, prototype and test a better job search and application web experience. Lead interaction design for the launch of a full-scale, native iOS application to offer job seekers a true mobile channel to find employment.

Measurably improve the mobile web application conversion rate; increase application start in the desktop experience; launch the native iOS app in the Apple App Store; and increase the profitability of job postings and advertising revenue. 



My Role

Sr. Interaction Designer, B2C Product Team


Product owner, scrum master, visual designer, developers, dev ops, marketers, SEO analyst, B2B interaction designers



Skills & Technology

Lean UX, Kanban/Scrum, Qualitative/Quantitative Research, Information Architecture, Ideation, Product Design, Interaction Design, Front-end Development: HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript/jQuery

Measurable Improvement

The core product line for Snagajob included the web and mobile channels where millions of job seekers searched for and applied to jobs monthly. Optimizing the process of finding the right job for the right person while driving revenue for the company was a delicate balancing act that required thorough research, constant experimentation, and rigorous idea validation.


The B2C product line for Snagajob experienced significant and measurable improvement by using an iterative, lean ``Think, Make, Check`` UX lifecycle.


Search Optimization Application Start


Mobile Application Conversion

Search was optimized in the responsive web site by focusing on the primary search use case (zip/location) and surfacing more relevant search results to the job seeker through promoted jobs and faceted navigation. These ideas, and a number of other design experiments to optimize search, were proven with statistical significance to improve application start by 15%. Mobile application conversion got a lift of over 10% by validating a “fast apply” one-touch pattern. Lastly the iOS native mobile app was launched on schedule utilizing the measurable improvement of “one search” and “fast apply”. All experimentation either did not negatively impact advertising revenue or did improve job posting profitability by increasing application conversion rates.


Research & Discovery

To accomplish the aggressive product goals, I led qualitative research activities to better understand the customer including field studies, contextual inquiry, intercept surveys, and remote interviews. I addition, I conducted expert interviews with all project stakeholders and researched third party job seeker employment studies. The research was used to distill business and customer goals into clearly defined stories/tasks, opportunity backlogs, and design principles.

Ideation & Design

I facilitated collaborative journey mapping and co-creation sessions with the team and executive leadership to produce generative design ideas to better the job search and application experience. Specifically, the sessions focused on: simplifying job search to optimize the application start rate across all channels; increasing the conversion rate of mobile job applications; and designing the native mobile app. From the sessions, I worked with the product owner to prioritize the business value of each idea to test and validate. I created sketches, prototypes and production variants for content experimentation and usability validation.

Test & Validate

To evaluate the effectiveness of an assumption each idea was tested and validated. After building working prototypes, I created lean testable hypotheses with defined objectives, goals, variants, and qualitative/quantitative success metrics to determine measurable improvement. I employed a number of validation methods including heat maps, moderated interviews, remote and in-person usability tests, and A/B experiments to rapidly measure user behavior and inform  design iteration. 

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