Experience Lead

20 years of experience leading the research and design of engaging digital products.

Team Leader

I’m a user experience team leader who has successfully directed the delivery of high-impact product design and customer experience research initiatives. I have a twenty-year track record of leading the ideation, creation and optimization of groundbreaking products and services for millions of customers worldwide. I’ve helped to grow user experience practices through human-centered design and research principles. I’m passionate about fostering a culture of innovation on teams where learning is the driver to success.

Experience Design & Research

I have a communication design and human-computer interaction background with knowledge of branding, storytelling, visual problem solving, evidenced-based research, and design technology. My recent roles have involved leading experience design and research across medical, e-commerce and consumer electronics industries. I’ve managed the delivery of high-impact customer experience and product design projects throughout the end-to-end lifecycle.

Successful Data-driven Design

Through customer research and data informed design, I help deliver successful experiences.

What Others Say

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